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A Brief Political And Geographic History Of The Middle East: Where Are Persia, Babylon, And The Ottoman Empire? (places In Time/a Kid's Historic Guide. The World) (places In Time (mitchell Lane))

Brief Political And Geographic History
ASIN: 1584156228

Mitchell Lane Publishers

Author: John Davenport

The author is John Davenport and it is published by Mitchell Lane Publishers. The book was available on bookshelves sometime in 2007. Those who are within the library you can most likely look it up with the Dewey Decimal number, DS62.D384 2008. The child's book is 112 pages long and it is loaded with lovely colored illustrations of maps, visit the link below.

Pick up a newspaper or magazine, or turn on the radio or television, and the words Middle East leap out. Once, long ago, these names caught people s attention. In this book, however, they all live once again. People around the globe are becoming acquainted with places like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Israel, and not often in a positive sense. The great empires and kingdoms from the ancient Middle East are overlooked and given up for dead. What occurred in these places changed the lives of millions of men, women, and kids. Yet today, they are commonly ignored or merely forgotten. These are international hot spots, exactly where political and social developments are watched very closely. But what about Babylon, Persia, and also the Ottoman Empire? The conquests and achievements of Middle Eastern leaders are revived as lost worlds become, once more, proud locations in time.


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