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Early Times: The Story Of Ancient Egypt

Early Times The Story Of Ancient Egypt
ASIN: 1877653241

Wayside Publishing

Author: Suzanne Strauss Art

Written by Suzanne Strauss Art and it is published by Wayside Publishing. The child's book was available on the 1st of January, 1993. The book is 122 pages long. To obtain your own copy of this child's book for your children, visit the market button.

A superbly written narrative that supplies a comprehensive overview of this most fascinating of ancient civilizations. Its story begins with the first nomads who settled inside the lush valley of the Nile and examines in detail the major accomplishments with the three great epochs of ancient Egyptian history. Among the subjects covered are the development of writing, the rituals associated with death and also the hope for an afterlife, the discoveries created in science and mathematics, and the achievements of Egyptian artists and architects. The Early Times Series is written for students in grades 5-8, each inside the six texts in this series provides a comprehensive overview of a distinct culture. Every chapter is followed by review questions, Ideas to feel about and Projects. The evolution of political thought, economics, science, art and literature are produced to come alive for young readers by way of the author's detailed descriptions of everyday life and provocative portraits of important personalities. Lively descriptions support the students envision the lives of peasants and pharaohs alike, and a chart of typically used hieroglyphs enables them to write in the style in the scribes.


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