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The Greenleaf Guide To Old Testament History

Greenleaf Guide To Old Testament
ASIN: 1882514122

Greenleaf Press

Author: Rob G. Shearer / Cyndy A. Shearer
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Written by Rob G. Shearer / Cyndy A. Shearer and it was published by Greenleaf Press. The child's book went on sale sometime in September of 1994. The book has 192 pages. To see the low price I discovered, click on our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

This readings in this book take you through the history of Israel from Genesis to Nehemiah, chronologically."The Old Testament is the perfect place to start teaching history given that it truly starts at the starting. The book is intended as a initial history course for the early elementary grades, though many parents are using it with high school students."- Cathy Duffy One of Cathy Duffy's"Top 100 Picks for Homeschool Curriculum. Many of us shy away from such a study due towards the difficulties we might encounter, but the Shearers have developed it much easier with this guide. The Old Testament's history of Israel is divided into 180 Bible readings (approximately 1-2 chapters each ). For each reading there's a series of questions to help you concentrate on the significant details. You will find also background notes, and suggestions on the way to cover the material and maintain it interesting."


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