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See-through Mummies

Seethrough Mummies
ASIN: 076241586X

Running Press Kids

Author: John Malam

Brief summary:

"Featuring clear pages that allow the reader to glimpse beneath the surface, See-through mummies will show you the secrets, legends, methods, and the exact step-by-step science of the practice of creating ancient mummies."
You might want to get a copy of Mummies a strong book. Written by John Malam and it is published by Running Press Kids. This book was released in August of 2000. The book is 32 pages long and it offers a great many colorfully illustrated artwork. The book is 9.53"H x 13.03"L x 0.51"W and it weighs around 0.74 lbs.

The mummies of ancient Egypt were element of a belief system that permeated the lives using the living at precisely the same time simply because the dead. That period in history is an endless supply of fascination, and this superb book offers a new way to understand it: Four printed acetate-overlay pages give a window in to the past, beneath the mummy's wrapping and right into the magnificent pyramids and tombs in which they were placed. With 120 full-color illustrations, this is an illuminating look in the great tomb of Tutankhamun, the pyramid of Cheops, and the rituals, arts, gods, and rulers in the time.


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